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Here's what others have said about Sandy and her work: 

Ian Narev, CEO, SEEK

"I have sought Sandy’s assistance with three different organisations: an ASX-listed multinational and two not-for-profits. Each had different challenges. Each time her insight, experience and critical thinking added exceptional value. In an industry full of supposed experts, Sandy stands-out as wise, fearless, pragmatic and fun. She gets to the heart of a problem, thinks creatively about it, and puts her heart and soul into solving it. Don’t work with her if you are afraid of direct and often confronting feedback. But if you have the appetite for honesty and change, and need the counsel of a genuine expert, put her at the top of the list."

Anna Curzon, Chief Product Officer, Xero

"I started working with Sandy back in 2014 when I participated in a Leadership Programme that she was facilitating. Her impact was immediate and sustained. Sandy has an uncanny ability to quickly see through the conditioning that we have been subject to through our lives and lays bare the reality for us to consider. Through the years since I've worked with Sandy through both challenges and celebrations and most recently invited her and Play CoLab to work with myself and my leadership team at Xero. It is unsurprising that the organisation she founded, Play CoLab, is at the vanguard of contemporary approaches to leadership development and I have personally witnessed the ground-breaking impact this has on leaders. "

Precious Clark, Ngāti Whātua Orākei,
CEO, Maurea Consulting

"Sandy is a Pou (pillar) in my personal development and success - a dynamic leader, mentor, coach and friend who I credit for helping me achieve success in my business. It’s an understatement to say that I’m eternally grateful to have her in my life. She is one of those people that you want alongside you, offering perspective and guidance, especially when things are tough and uncertain. I am fortunate enough to be a graduate of leadership programme in 2014 that was masterfully curated and led by Sandy, and more recently I refreshed my leadership capability through a Play CoLab Leadership programme.  I have witnessed the growth of my own staff at Maurea, and leaders of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei who have been through a Play CoLab experience, and I can confidently say that its role in their development was, and continues to be pivotal."

Mary Devine, CEO Foodstuffs SI

“I have known Sandy for over ten years. Originally when Sandy was Marketing Director at Max Fashions, through to her role as Director of Leadership Development at Global Woman, to the establishment of Play CoLab.  In all three contexts she has been an outstanding leader, with an ability to be at the forefront of the respective sectors. She has embraced collaboration with a recognition that a dynamic environment that enhances individual expertise and diversity of thought creates a real point of difference. Her energy levels, inspirational leadership and unique ability to understand nuances or trends – whether societal or market-orientated provides informed insights, and a perspective that is meaningful. I also believe Sandy’s executive background and academic pursuits in recent years provide a depth of understanding on how to optimise team and individual performance. In summary, Sandy’s passion to make a difference underpins a value set that gives her courage and determination to challenge and support recognised leaders to embrace change.”

Joe McCollum, Senior People and Culture Lead

“Spark initially invited Play Colab in to undertake a review following the departure of several senior women to understand better why these women had left – and whether any systemic issues existed that impacted negatively on our gender diversity aspirations. Sandy and her team undertook a thorough review which in the end, went much wider than this and revealed quite remarkable, ground-breaking insights. Their unique perspectives have really driven us to think very differently as an organisation about diversity and inclusion. Play CoLab have not only been very professional in their approach, but have also brought fresh thinking which has challenged our traditional mindsets around culture as a product of leadership and particularly in terms of the role of leadership in shaping our D&I agenda. Although Sandy and her team have a methodology, they have put in considerable time and effort to “get behind” the culture. The impact on our organisation of the work has been quite phenomenal. And now a year later, we have seen a complete step-change in the conversation around diversity and inclusion and an organic shift, led by our own people, to a significantly more inclusive working environment. It has been a privilege to collaborate with Play Colab and has made a real tangible impact on our organisation.”

Miranda James, Head of Corporate Responsibility, 
Women4Climate C40

"Sandy delivered a day that was insightful, inspiring and full of ‘a-ha!’ moments. She had a tough brief, as we were a group of 20 women at all points of the career spectrum – spanning senior leadership through to just starting our career journeys. She hit just the right note, and feedback from all has been glowing. Sandy has an uncompromisingly honest style that tackles the tough issues with warmth and humour. It was a great day that helped us gel as a group while giving us all valuable learnings we’re continuing to action. Thanks so much!"

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