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I am deeply invested in transformation and what it takes to reinvent and reimagine a different way of being be it personal, professional, organisation or systemic, I am about disrupting the status quo through sharp insight and refreshingly creative experiences.

Specifically, I am interested in getting to the heart of the matter and reframing what is going on so that individuals and organisations can get on with transforming their current reality.

As a widely experienced insights researcher and strategist, leadership coach and facilitator, I usually work with individuals, executive teams and organisations that are stuck in some way and need help in moving forward.  In 2016, my interest in how leadership impacts workplace cultures led me to establish Play Contemporary Leadership CoLab,  a collaborative practice that is deeply invested in innovative approaches to systemic, organisational and personal transformation.

Over the years, my contribution as a social commentator through various columns and public speaking engagements has allowed me to share ideas and insights regarding personal and organisational reinvention, gender and diversity, generational dynamics, contemporary leadership practice and how all of these things impact workplaces cultures. Having completed a Gender Studies and History degree, I am currently continuing Gender Studies at a post-graduate level.

I am a Pākehā Japanese New Zealander and a mother of two young adult children - all of which contribute to a worldview that continues to evolve.